Privacy Policy – Gottex Models Ltd.

Since Gottex Models Ltd. (the “Company”) respects the privacy of users using and/or visiting the Company’s websites (all the websites the Company owns and operates) (the “Users”, the “Websites”), the Company has decided to publish this Websites related Privacy Protection Policy (the “Policy”), and the Company hereby undertakes to maintain this Policy.


This Policy explains the Company’s practice as of Users’ Privacy Protection using the Company’s Websites and elaborates the ways the Company uses the information collected from Users using its Websites.


While using the Websites, information regarding the Users is being collected by the Company (the “Information”). Some information personally identifies you, the user, i.e. your name and address, products and services that you have purchased or thought to sell, payment methods that you use etc. (the “Services”). This is the information you provide knowingly when you sign up for services in the Websites.
Some information is collected is statistical information, and it is not stored alongside with your personal information. For example, advertisements and pages you viewed; offers and services you have encountered about; your IP address and so on.


Enrolling to Services
When you enroll to Services through the Company’s Websites, a registration process is required. The Company will ask you to provide it only with the absolute necessary information in order to supply these Services (the “Gathered Data”).


The Gathered Data will be kept in a Company’s registered database  (the “Database”).


Use of Information
Use of the Information will be according to this Privacy Policy or as instructed by any law, and for the following purposes only:

  • allowing you to make use of the different services the websites offer
  • enrich and improve the contents of the websites and its services
  • change or cancel specific existing contents
  • purchasing products and services through the Websites, as well as for advertising information and contents
  • accommodate advertising presented to you while using the websites to your interests. This information is mainly statistic and does not reveal your personal information.


The Company wishes to send to you a newsletter via email, from time to time, containing information regarding its offered services as well as marketing and promotional content. This newsletter will only be sent to you only after receiving your explicit consent, which you may revoke at any given time, in which case no newsletters will be further sent to you. The Company will not give away any of your personal information to any advertisers. However, it may provide a third party with statistical information collected, which will not give away any of your personal information.


Providing Information to Third Parties
The Company shall not provide any of your personal information to third parties, unless –

  • you purchase products or services from a third party through the Websites. The Company shall provide the third party the relevant information to complete your purchase process.
  • there is a legal dispute between you and the Company, which will obligate revealing your personal Information.
  • you perform illegal action through the Websites or in the Websites.
  • there is a court order instructing to give out your details or any other Information about you to third parties.
  • the Company will sell and/or purchase and/or move in any other way its Websites activity or management to another corporation, as well as in case of a merger between the Company and another entity, and as long as this third party obliges to undertake this Privacy Policy’s instructions.


The Company’s Websites make use of cookies for the ongoing and proper operation of the Websites, as well as to collect statistical information concerning using the Websites, validate personal information and to best adjust the Websites to your personal preferences and in order to secure information.


Modern browsers include an option to avoid receiving cookies. If you do not know how to use this option, please refer to your browsers help options.


Securing Information and Data
The Company implements in its Websites the most updated data security systems. However, these systems can not fully ensure a risk free environment and to completely prevent infiltration by unwelcome parties. Therefore, the Company will not commit that its Services are completely resistant from an unauthorized party invasion.


Right to Access Data
According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981 (the “Law”), any person is entitled to review any information being gathered with regards to that person in any database. If you reviewed the information or data and found them to be incomplete or incorrect, you are entitled to contact the Company in order to make the relevant changes or to completely delete the information, through the following contact details:
Email:; Address: 1 Yoni Netanyahu St., Or-Yehuda 60200, Israel; Fax: 972-3-5333412


In addition, if the information in the database is made use of to personally contact you, you may, by law, demand in writing to erase this information from the database.


Changes in Privacy Policy
In any case in which this Privacy Policy will be changed by the Company, a proper notification will be advertised in the Company’s Websites.